Attic Insulation

With the ever increasing cost of home energy in Dallas, having a properly insulated attic is mandatory.

The most common methods of attic insulation are:

Blown Attic Insulation Dallas | Fort Worth | Plano TxBlown-In insulation which requires a machine to shoot a stream of loose insulation over the attic floor. This device reaches all crevices and other areas which could not be achieved.

Insulating attics floors with an R-value 30 is an excellent way to reduce energy bills by over 50%.
Sprayed foam polyurethane is another method which entails spraying the foams over the walls and rafters to reduce warming and extra heat in the buildings.

Best practice in attic insulation involves Installation of attic fans and electric ventilators to regulate the amount of heat within the buildings.

Benefits of adequate attic insulation.

These include; reduced level of noise, reduced energy costs, better thermal comfort all year round and condensation control among others. Attic insulation also reduces reliance on fossil fuels which helps in prevention of the greenhouse emissions.

There are a number of attic insulation options to choose from.

The most common are batt insulation or loose fill/blown-in insulation. The difference between these two is the fact that batt insulation is normally rolled in place while loose fill is blown or poured into your attic. Loose fill is great for low ceilings and those that have a lot of obstructions. However, requires you to first cover all vents, recessed lighting, and fans in order to use it. This is to prevent moisture build up in your attic.

Batt insulation normally comes with a vapor barrier. Therefore, you do not have to worry about moisture build up. All you need to do is roll it up into your attic. It is the simpler option of the two. However, you will not go wrong with either of these two attic insulation options for your Dallas Tx home.