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Attic Cleaning Services: Attic Cleanup and Decontamination

rats in attic insulation

The chances are pretty high that at some point you will have rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, nests or other pest infestation in your attic. These pests can carry many diseases that are harmful to most humans and especially to children. It is important that you will want to protect yourself and your family from being exposed the health risks and diseases these pests bring.

Attic Cleaning Costs

To reduce the risk that your family will get infected as much as possible, you will want to contact an attic insulation removal and decontamination company. They will be best to advise you on the extent of the damage, contamination and remediation costs.

Cleaning costs will vary depending on the above factors as rodents can cause an extreme amount of damage to your home. A professional service will come and inspect your attic and provide you with a free estimate.

Attic Insulation Contamination

These pests, usually rodents, leave droppings and urine that contaminate attic areas. These can seep into and contaminate your attic’s insulation or into the foundations of the house itself. These droppings and urine may contain the harmful diseases that if kept unchecked may spread and infect your household.

You will want to safely remove attic insulation them from your household and you will need to take measures to pest proof your attic to prevent them returning.

Some other pests that may infest your attic aside from rats are opossums, raccoons and even bats. These animals may nest in your attic and breed which can spell potential danger to your home.

These pests may bring Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Murine Typhus and even Salmonella which can infect your family and may not even be detected right away.

Attic Clean Up

You need to take precaution before and while you are cleaning up the rodent-infested areas. What we first suggest is if you find your home to be infested with pests is that you consult a professional in how you can get rid of rodents and other pests that may have made a home in your attic.

Once you have gotten rid of the pests, you will then need to make sure you seal up any entrances or holes that the rodents or other pests used to get in. You will need to get them out first before you begin the decontamination process. Make sure to air out the room first for at least 30 minutes before you decontaminate to allow fresh air to enter the area.

Attic Cleaning

When you start attic cleaning, it is important that you don’t stir up the dust in the room by vacuuming or sweeping up the droppings or urine. You do not want the contaminants to spread to the air. Make sure to wear protective clothing, a respirator and cleaning gloves (vinyl, latex or rubber gloves) when cleaing up.

Make sure to spray the droppings and the urine with disinfectant along with a mixture of water and bleach. It is suggested you let it soak for about 5 minutes. The recommended solution of the bleach is one part bleach to 10 parts water. For commercial disinfectants, make sure to follow the instruction on the label for the recommended solution.

Use a paper towel to clean the area of droppings and urine. Make sure to clean everything up and then dispose the waste in a garbage bag that you can throw out right away. You do not want it to linger inside your house.

After cleaning up the area, make sure to disinfect again the area and wipe clean. You might also want to disinfect the entire attic to ensure that all places are covered which might have been contaminated in the past.

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