Effective Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation has many benefits.

Crawl space insulation can resolve mold and moisture problems and prevent insect infestations. It is also an effective energy-saving technique to lower your utility bill.

Here are essential things to consider while insulating your crawl spaces.

Choose the best insulating materials

Make sure the insulation material you use is resistant to fire. You can ensure this by checking local fire specifications on insulation. Also, it shouldn’t encourage mold.

The aluminum-insulating roll can be use it in a crawl space, radiant floor and even attic or walls.

Install a vapor barrier over the insulation

The crawl space should be moisture-free. Presence of moisture in crawl spaces invites mold, mildew and rot. A sump and dehumidifier will best handle moisture issues.

A vapor barrier will help to reduce or prevent the evaporation of ground moisture into your crawl space. The vapor barrier is recommended to be combined with a waterproofing system.

Most contractors often forget to cover the walls as they install the vapor barrier. Failure to cover the walls allows moisture into the crawl space. Presence of moisture in the crawl space renders the job useless.

Get the right insulation contractor

Choose an experienced and recognized insulation contractor to do the job. A basement insulating and waterproofing contractor can ofer to offer efficient and reliable services. Take your time to choose the right professional. A well-insulated crawl space will support air conditioning and reduce your energy costs.