Floor Insulation

Do you need floor insulation? Most home owners are fully aware of the benefits of insulating their attic space. Many people can also see the benefit of cavity wall insulation, but very few people think about floor insulation. However, a home without a well insulated floor takes a lot more energy to heat. In addition, quite a lot of heat can be lost through the floor.

Kinds of Floor Insulation

There are several kinds of floor insulation. The main kind comes in the form of two layers of foil with an insulating material between them.

This kind of insulation comes in a roll and is similar to a fabric or quilt. It is designed to be rolled out and to adhere directly to the concrete. It is usually laid over the battening too.

The foil reflects heat back up into the room and prevents the cold from entering the home via the floor. It also prevents cold air from entering the home via the floor it effectively acts as a seal.

Many new homes have this kind of insulation built into them, but a lot of people are retrofitting this type of insulation in their home. Having a new floor laid gives you the ideal opportunity to have it insulated. Many people fit this kind of insulation when they have under floor heating laid.