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East Arlington, Texas

About East Arlington Texas

East Arlington Tx 76010

76010 East Arlington Tx

When visiting Arlington city, choosing to stay or visit on the East side of the city will be magical. You will have a lot to do whether on your own or with family. Considered as one of the best and largest neighborhoods in the city, you will have a lot of benefits from being there.

Why Choose East Arlington?

1. Affordable housing. Whether you are in the middle or high class, East Arlington offers you a chance to have a better house. You will own your home from $100,000 to around $350,000. You will likely possess a comfortable home for your family at a lower price compared to other American cities.

2. Social amenities. East Arlington Texas boasts an A+ grade in this sector. You will access various amenities like schools such as Sam Houston High school, parks such as Valley View Park that will leave you happy during the weekends. As a visitor, you will have a chance to view large heritage images hanging on walls. A plate such as Mexican Osos leaving you yearning for more visit.

3. Cost of living. This neighborhood has favorable living conditions for you. A lot of essential products services such as groceries, housing among others are much cheaper. You will have a chance to enjoy advantages like 48% lower cost of accommodation than the national level. East Arlington will enable you to spend less than the other Arlington neighborhoods. Imagine a 3% low cost of living for you than other city dwellers?

4. Favorable weather conditions. Who does not want to enjoy a beautiful weather place? You will enjoy the warm state that goes up to 80+ degrees. Going for outdoor fun activities won’t be an issue for since the temperatures have your back. However, there are

East Arlington Tx 76011

76011 East Arlington Tx

some setbacks such as 23.8 inches precipitation, you will likely face this in October. You will enjoy a low pollution neighborhood since this is one of the most pollution free places to reside.

East Arlington Zip Codes and Geo Coordinates:

Zip: 76010 – Geo: 32.7101615, -97.0842157

Zip: 76011 – Geo: 32.745323, -97.102773

Zip: 76014 – Geo: 32.6978785, -97.0905567

However as much as you may consider living in East Arlington Texas, there are disadvantages you need to know.

1. Low employment levels. Here, you might find it hard to secure a job as the unemployment rate is higher than even the national level. The poverty level is also higher considering its match with the national average.

2. Crime rates. You are likely to be affected by crime if you are among the 22 residents. There is a higher crime re

East Arlington Tx 76014

76014 East Arlington Tx

cord almost the same as the nation’s number. However, you will be 20% safer in the East Arington neighborhood than other parts of Texas city. And the promising report

showing a 6% decrease in the crime rate makes it a place to consider.

As a new member looking for a new place to stay, East Arlington Texas will be an excellent choice for you. There are more benefits than setbacks thus offering you a place to call home. As a visitor, this neighborhood will enable you to achieve an incredible vacation visit. You will be welcome over and over again after your first visit.

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